Does high Co2 in your dry room cause any harm to the drying buds?

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Will 800-1000ppm of co2 in a dry room cause issues to plants hanging in the room to dry/cure? Its a new setup, will be running LEDS in veg and I have a room adjacent to my veg room for my drying, processing and also housing my reservoirs. I want to run Co2 in veg and temps might be slightly too high without A/C but not by much. I was thinking of using my dry room as a lung room. Put a small A/C in my dry/lung room so I can keep my temps at 60 for drying and run a passive intake in my veg room, pulling 60 degree air into the veg room but also exhausting the air back into the dry/lung room. Doing so will also equalize the co2 levels in both rooms. I don't think it will be an issue but just wanted some feedback. Thanks
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