dose led lights really work? do they flower the plants right?

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Texas Kid

Texas Kid

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How does LED's compare to HIDs? Does it really matter how it stacks up against other LED manufactures? Kind of like saying your Prius is faster than a Sorento when everyone else in the race has a Corvette....

Anybody got any pictures of LEDs in action?



Texas Kid said:
Kind of like saying your Prius is faster than a Sorento when everyone else in the race has a Corvette....

2lbs dried from a 1000w HID ($210.00 complete cost) and 4 plants, lets see it, there's the flower room challenge right there.
This is amusing.

I think there is considerable problems with using a LED for any sort of commercial/larger-scale grow. The economics and light coverage, given the all the other considerations, simply rule out LED's as a competetive choice.

I still think LED's have a - pardon the pun - bright future - but for the time being it's hard to say they'd be more effective than HID's for lots of growers.

I'll be into these things as soon as the price comes down 150% or so. (And that isn't a joke - give it a few years).

Texas Kid said:
Kind of like saying your Prius is faster than a Sorento when everyone else in the race has a Corvette....
This analogy runs even deeper, IMO. The Corvette is a brutish thing, with a giant, thirsty engine that wastes huge portions of the energy that goes into it.

Kind of like a HID.

While a Prius is an efficient little thing which makes excellent (well, by comparison to the Vette) use of the energy that goes into it - carefully modulating the vehicle to maximize resources.

Kind of like an LED.

If the only thing that matters is "winning the race," then I suppose the Vette would be a better choice. Perhaps one only needs to cruise at 65mph though? How about then?

So where might the Prius be in a few years?

How about LED's?


Sounds like its not the technology thats a problem for you more the price, which is only a problem for people that cant afford it imo. As far as companies not doing well in the future, how are all those gas guzzler car companies doing right now?


TK said:
...make no mistake it is a race, everyone is pushing to encrease yeilds, decrease flower time, decrease veg times, reduce nute use,
Bah. Lotsa folks are awfully happy with a personal growbox on a mechanical timer . . .

TK said:
Not alot old Prius's out there, they brake down or got recalled and a few years form now i am sure that not many will still be on the road or viable at all.
Perhaps, perhaps. But that doesn't change the fact that car is an undeniable commerical blockbuster.


My girlfriend works for Philips Lumnatech. They manufacture LED lights.

The entire world is switching over to LED ligthting.

Everything from warehouse lighting to car interior lighting is being replaced by led lights.

The company literally can't keep up with the demand.

LED's are the future of lighting.

They obviously work. And as for the home / hobby grower that can't build an intake/exhaust system in their grow, they can benefit from these lights tremendously. The will grow you dank weed.

Now as far as commercial yielding LED's, I think we just need to be patient and let people like LEDGirl work their magic and bring their products to the market.

Yay LEDGirl !!! - I like your style



Could you please post some photos? I have not seen good results, imo, but I have no idea which kind they were. It was a friend running it. I would love to see some evidence though, I am always open to new ideas.


northone said:
The problem is that we were ALL warned that unless we had only good things to say that we would get the boot off this site.
We were?

I dunno man - I've tried defending LED's here several times and usually I get jumped on by the entire thread. They just aren't that popular yet. I really think once they come down in price they will be - especially given the power usages. HID power requirments are absurd.

mace said:
LED's work great if you literally can't deal with heat or are trying to do a micro style grow. If not, i'd say wait a few years till the PAR rating on LED's come up.
Agreed - this is more or less what I've been saying.

I'd love to give it a go, but I don't see the opportunity coming up anytime soon. . .
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