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hey guys! So i have my 1 HP Leader submersible pump connected to a 3/4inch PVC pipe which lays down to the plants where it is then connected to a separate 1/2 inch pvc pipe at each plant. Each 1/2 inch pipe is connected to a 1/2inch tube that has the end bended and tied with a zip tie. SO finally I then have a 1/8inch polly tube poked into the 1/2 inch tubing. And then an adjustable dripper connected to that. Well, the problem I have is that the water pump seems to be too strong. I Cant get even amount of water in all my pots. So what can I do to control that? And how can i make this automatic? I have it set up to water whenever I plug in the water pump. So what can I do to control the pressure and make it all drip the same amount? Also, how can I make it automatic? Or if any of you guys have easier setups or ideas, let me know! Feeding to over 30 plants in coco! I know I probably confused the hell out of all of you but please help as much as you can, thanks all!!

For my drainage: I have a hole drilled in the side of the bucket saucer with a 1/2/inch PVC pipe connected into a 3/4 inch PVC pipe which then leads into the drainage.


What model of leader are you using? The pressure comp ones or a strait pump? To make it automatic you need to install sprinkler valves and a timer to get it all going.

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