Dresden Green Diamond - GOG Seeds

After taking an unfortunate and ill advised nosedive in a recent cloning experiment... I've decided to bail and start fresh. To add to the widow in the mother tent will be one of these girls. The other four will cycle through to flower asap. Five seeds in total for this strain.

Don't know much about this one yet except its supposed to be a very nice smoke... Didn't plan to grow any until next year lol
Using the new trays to prime pre flushed and limed cups for seedlings.

Water in - 0.5 EC/6.3 pH
Water out - 0.8 EC/6.3 pH

I think that's good... This mix has some significant alkaline buffering built in. I'm hoping it caries me though @ 6.3.
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The dud seed I suspect is, in fact... A dud. But I'll watch it for another day or so anyway... Enter slow seedling phase! (I'm always happy and relieved when its over lol)
I had all four seedlings pop up today... One came up... Completely. Lol it had twisted around itself and grown in circles somehow. When I gave it a few ml of water, up it came... I attempted to straighten out and replant the tap root lol. As you can imagine, even with the utmost care... I broke the [email protected] ,🤬

2 of 3 are looking great, 1 is going super stretch on me... I only really need the one of these for the mother tent, I think that stretch will be the pheno I cull.