Drone-delivered Weed On Horizon — $1.5 Million In Seed Funding For Eaze App

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My Dream is coming true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San Francisco-based “Uber” for medical marijuana Eaze announced the acquisition of $1.5 million in seed funding this week and a product roadmap that could one day lead to delivery via drone.

Eaze founder Keith McCarty was an early employee of enterprise social networking startup Yammer, which Microsoft bought in 2012 for $1.2 billion. When the San Francisco resident first thought up hishit new delivery app, Eaze, drones seemed logical.

“If I were to paint a grand vision of how to deliver medicine, it was definitely part of the plan,” McCarty said Wednesday. “Some of our patients are developing drones and they’ve hit us up.”

Dank from Above

StT illustration of potential future of medical cannabis delivery. (Conor Buckley for StT)

Alas, THC via UAV, “is up not on our short-term product road map,” McCarty said.

Eaze’s seed funding will pay for network engineers to back up the company’s “medical marijuana in ten minutes” promise.

Verified patients open the Eaze web page on their phones, select strain, quantity and hit “Request Delivery”. Eaze delivers in as little as 6 minutes, anywhere around SF, according to in-house tests. Vetted collectives provide the flowers — with top-shelf cuts of Sherbert, Blue Dream, and 49er OG comparable to the best dispensary stocks.

Launched in July out of an apartment, the start-up served 500 patients in its first two weeks, it states. It’s rapidly growing past 12 employees at a new office in SOMA.


Patients fill out verification forms on Eaze just like at a dispensary
Nearly 40 Silicon Valley angel and institutional investors chipped into Eaze, including Fresh VC, who led a syndicated investment on Angel List.

McCarty said funding the startup was simultaneously easier and harder, compared to past start-ups.

On one hand, the demand for medical cannabis is “undeniable” to investors.

However, some challenged the industry’s basic legality. Cannabis is federally illegal, but comes with medical defenses or is outright legal in certain states, subject to local limitations.

“Getting the VC community up to speed with the regulations as they stand today was something that was a process, but we eventually got there,” he said.

“Eaze’s mature, experienced and successful founding team, along with its impressive early metrics and outstanding customer service, have assured us that they will be the breakout company in the emerging medical marijuana industry,” stated Shri Ganeshram, founding partner, Fresh VC. “We’re excited to have led Eaze’s syndicate on Angel List and are looking forward to helping to grow Eaze throughout California and nationally.”

A year from now, Eaze will be in multiple cities, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Marijuana’s rules seem to change “almost daily,” McCarty said. “A year from now feels like a light-year.”

Today, Eaze announced it is sourcing its SF menu from the San Francisco Patients Resource Center, or SPARC. SPARC’s an award-winning dispensary representing the best in class of the medical cannabis industry.

SPARC CEO Robert Jacob said members have clamored for a delivery service for years. SPARC went from zero to hundreds of deliveries within 24 hours of making the decision to partner with the service, Jacob said. “Eaze provides an opportunity to offer a level of service that’s unmatched in San Francisco.”

McCarty said SPARC raises the bar for quality flowers — something Bay Area patients have quickly schooled him on. “I’m coming at this from a background weighted on the technology side. … Users are very particular about their medicine. We just didn’t know to what degree,” he said. “Everyone speaks very highly of how [SPARC] picks and choses what medicines they carry and make available to patients.”



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