Dwc Auto White Widow troubleshooting

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Once the leaf had grown to a decent size problems start. I had to cut two fan leafs off the bottom due to them rotting. I do not have pictures of them.

This is currently what it looks like after removing the bad leafs and doing a nuet swap.

Ph was 5.5 now its 6.2

My buddie told me it was a ph issue. I am just making sure he was correct, he has been doing this for over 20 years. Yet hes soil, im dwc.

White widow auto, sprouted feb 4th and was then inserted into DWC. 2x4 tsl2000, no chiller 72 temp water with 74 them light at 50% 79temp when light is at 100%

Using a cool mist humidifier, yet the humidity guage never reads above 30%. With a warm mist humidifier the guage read 50% humidity, but it heated my tent above 80 so i swapped it.

Using 3ppm filterd water. 1.5 part micro, 2 part grow, .5 part bloom. For 5 gal i used 50mg calmag, 50 mg micro, 75 mg grow, 25 mg bloom, 50mg hydroguard.

Until the leaf gets bigger there is no noticable issues anywhere. Once it gets big, it will slowly die and idk why.

Im questioning the fact that perhaps particles in the air are landing on the leaf and choking it out. We do smoke in our house lol. . idk u all tell me. . ill upload more pics tonight. . better ones.

You can also see the stem is very purple. The main stalk of the plant is not.
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I did have some root rot due to air gap, that was right before all this happened. I flushed and swapped neuts. . roots look great now. . I cought it very early. . wont happen again. .

Could this just be signs of that?


Update: my ppm is 1000 for those wondering. Ive seen replys on others posts but none here. Is this to unorganized? Should I make a more professional repost?


PPM’s are at 1000 In veg? I’m in veg right now it’s about 4 weeks old from seed and she’s at only 420ppm’s.


also what nutrients are you using?


Worked out this issue guys.. Thanks for the input though.
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