DWC Hydro First Timer - Manifolding - ADVICE please

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I finally have the space to grow indoor and have set up a deep water culture hydroponic setup. The 5 plants were germinated from seeds and have been in veg for just over 5 weeks. Two LED spider farmer 1000s.
I topped and started plant training for a manifold 5 days ago. I’ve been topping the water off every so often with quarter strength nutrients or PhD water. I think I need to do a bucket clean and rinse. There is buildup on the hose inside and I just started getting yellow spotting on some fan leaves.

many advice on manifolding or the yellow spotting. My plan is to wind down from 22-2 by an hour daily flipping to flower on April 15. Is that a good idea?


It's unclear to me if you are regularly checking the pH and EC/PPM/TDS of the water in the reservoir? This is super important, and should be checked at least once per day, IMHO. Also if great importance is an anti-fungal agent. Most popular options I know of are SouthernAG anti-fungal, and HydroGuard.

Environment makes a big difference too. I can't make out the readings on the meter in your picture, what is the temperature and humidity?

Without more to go on, my guess is the pH is off and the plant is starting to suffer deformities. You'll want to get a handle on this quickly.

Regarding the flip to flower, I think you are several weeks away. She's much too small to be considering anything in the near future.
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