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Wevie Stonder

Hey All,

I am currently designing a room, and just about to start buying stuff. I'm doing Hydro for the first time, and wanted some advice on my situation.

I'm doing an 8 x 1,000 watt HPS systm, using a CAP ebb and grow set up. I was hoping to do 48 pots = 6/light. Room will be 9 x 16 ish, not sure how tall-- I can go pretty high up if I want. Ideally, I'd be doing Organic as much as possible, but more importantly for now is having a stable set up that will produce results fairly easily as I begin to learn Hydro.

I've got a few questions about all this-- please bear with me as I'm new to the Hydro side of things, and pretty new to the game in general.

1- with 48 pots, will I need to get a 2nd res? As far as I know, the CAP E & G comes with 1 55 gal. res-- is that enough, or will 2 make life easier? If I need 2, how do I connect them so that all the water goes where it needs to????

2- Organic nutes? somewhere else on this forum, a grower suggested that I start all chem as it's easier to dial in Ph. I'd prefer to do something organic or a hybrid-- is organic hydro really that difficult???

3- I have +/- 15 ft. of vertical that I can use in my room-- what would you guys recommend? Eventually, I may want to try MPB or something tall, but for now, I need results that I know I can count on. Suggestions?

4- expansion: how hard is it to add on more buckets myself to the system? I'd rather just buy the smaller system (12 site) and add the rest myself. I'm not a super skilled carpenter or anything, but...is it hard to build it myself, or is it worth the extra $$?

5- Heating/cooling the solution: what do you do (if anything) and why?

I think that'll cover it for now. Thanks for your patience and help!


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