EC/PPM run off higher than intake

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i watered my plant that in coco coir with a ph of 5.8 and a ppm hannah of 270 i then checked the run off and the ppm had risen to 500 why could this be and what should go forward an do ?


It means they are eating less than they are drinking. It also probably means the pots are getting too dry. The solution would be to increase fertigation frequency in either case. More frequent runoff will keep it closer to the feed solution. Decreasing nutrient strength would also apply, but that's already pretty low. I think. What does 500ppm equal in EC? I have babies on .7 and trees I'm expecting to yield around a pound each at 1.2. This plant was around EC 1 and almost 4 ft tall. I backed down when the tips started to burn.

How's your environment looking? Excessive VPD could cause them to drink too much, or a fan blowing too strongly in them.

I wouldn't be concerned at this point. Not if the ppm/EC works the way I'm thinking. But there's like 13 conversion factors, so who knows. But the easy solution to most issues (with coco) is to just water more. As long as your feed solution is "in range" just keep giving it more of that and flushing out the old stuff. Not the most elegant solution, but Jack's is cheap, time is precious. I'd rather just drain an extra cup of water than diddle.
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