Edbles and Ball Vapes

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Managing a lot of pain
In an effort to avoid opiates and N-SAIDs (Advil) I use edibles and micro dose flower with a ball vape
Anyone else managing pain in a manner like this?
I have full days, 10-12 hours of medium lifting with small breaks
Using an infused syrup in my noon coffee with micro dose single vape hits a few hours later
Midnight to midday are substance free, final dosing between 11-12 at night

Recent flooded basement had me doing a lot of work and I'm paying for it
Currently using high percentage thc flower for micro dosing

Edbles and ball vapes
Edbles and ball vapes 2
Edbles and ball vapes 3

Syrup and ball vape set ups

Any tips people have for pain management would be appreciated
I can make most topical remedies as well as edibles

My chronic pain number is 3
Hit 5s and 6s from time to time and that time is now

Working with CBD and CBG extractions as well
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