Electrician Needed To Help Solve Receptical Outages

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Whatz up farmers. Merry belated Christmas and almost happy new year!

Long story short. Right before Christmas i came home and i could tell it had been windy. stuff was blown around and out of place. thought weird... ok.

7 oclock lights on and no power to my 220 weird...
been on for a year and now off. checked the lines. only power on one side of the 110. otherside off.


then power is off on my 110 line to the living room as well. ok


plug my 600 into the wall 110 in the room and fine.

next night at 7 i check the receptical of 220 and power is back

livingroom too but was flickering and came back. all other circuits in the house work.

well, christmas i knew i was going to be gone two nights and in the same room i have a tent flowering and veg plants outside the tent. to use the same ac.

me and a buddy were moving veg plants to another room to keep the tent open.

he plugged my 110 timer into a 220 receptical and i just heard the pop on the timer and smelled the burn.


after the same 220 lines out the other night are off again and livingroom. left my 600 on the 110 in the room. turned off breakers for all 220 and the livingroom 110. went away for christmas.

come home today. turn all breakers back on and only some 220 power. livingroom 110 off two.


the 220 is my ac and its gonna get super hot on sunday all next week.

where i live nothing is to code. so dont start there. and i cant really call an electrician. i dont trust many people here. i am a gringo

ive been growing a long time and know some. but breaker boxers or problem solving is where i ask for help. i dont want to burn my house down.

first two pictures are left side right 110 box

the second from top 20 amp is the problem livingroom breaker


these 3 pics are the top of box. box and then bottom of the 220 box


turned on ALL breakers and read current. marked lines in and out Hot or Cold

I have breakers cold from the street... does that mean something from the main box outside? but why only some? Like i said everything as been fine for a year. split ac running on one 220 and maximum 3 600,s on another 220

but the connection with the livingroom is weird

any help is sooooo gratefully appreciated. im hoping someone can help tonight so i can buy stuff tomorrow, if its easy. otherwise no one works here in this city till after nye

Sounds like your panel might have a bad connection from the mains. If it was really windy maybe one of your mains broke loose above or behind the panel. The mains should be replaced like every 15 years by the power company I think.
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