Can anyone tell me, if I dry in an esky or styrofoam type box (air tight) and place it in the fridge, with Boveda 62% humidity pack inside. Is this viable way to dry or cure slowly.

only reason I’m asking is I’m in au & it’s summer atm like 40 degrees ℃ & very low humidity, due to standard Aussie outback conditions. It’s my first crop & I don’t want to stuff it up.
I chopped my small plant last week & it’s dried in like 2-3 days somewhat too fast imo.
And I’m looking to slow to process.
My (2) special kush are Chopped and wet trimmed currently hanging upside down in my stealth tent atm in cupboard & it’s 25 ℃ & 30rh until I up RH with hot wet towel & ice cream container with hot water atm it’s around 24c & 45rh (of a day)
Of a night when outside temps drops it’s a little easier to maintain Rh. however I’m still concerned drying will be to fast due to conditions.
SO MY FRIDGE THEORY IS to put it in a styrofoam type esky and place it in the fridge? THOUGHTS!!!

in a week or so once dried, I’ll either drop a few Boveda 62% packs in for curing or go the glass jars with Boveda’s.
AGAIN, can I place glass jars in fridge?

any advice feedback would be greatly appreciated 👌 🙏
It’s not a bumper yield but I’ll be happy if I pull 2-3oz Pp which is looking to be on par .
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