Experienced Soilless Grower, New To Uc .....troubleshooting Help/journal

Well tonydizz was right. Lights were too close for too long. Burned the tops. I had already raised them in my last post but I guess I wasn't fast enough. Had it at about 20 inches which is farther than adjust a wing recommend, but guess it was hot.
Now new problem.
Root rot? My ec was going down almost 100ppm a night. Now for the past 3 nights, it barely moves. Maybe 20ppm. And the pH doesn't move. Set at 5.6, stayed at 5.6.
Oh. And black spots all over my roots.
Double dosed ucroots. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Dont know where it came from. All my water is ro. I really don't wanna go live, but I may have to.
Pics of roots
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20inches is more suitable for a 600w lamp, 1000w need to be kept further away than that. 2.5ft-3ft

that is not root rot, your roots look fine to me. You will know about it if you have root rot, plants look great
I wish you were right. I've had rot before and this is how it starts. If u zoom in on the second pic I posted, you will not all the ends going black. The plants have stopped eating, and the bucket water has unknown bio gunk floating in it. Sad day
At this point i had received my humidifier. Set to 60%. No trouble overcoming AC. Something was still not right. Purple stems like crazy, not really eating, thin stems. I had been following the cs target ph (although my plan had been to set to 5.5 and let it drift, my maxi scare made me decide to blindly follow), and their target ph for week 1 and 2 of veg were 6.2 and 6.1 respectively.
I diagnosed a k deficiency, and upon checking ph nutrient availability charts, i saw that the ph was making k unavailable. I lowered to 5.5, plants seemed to respond. Pics are dated.

August 15
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August 19
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August 20

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Quite late but hoping to learn what I'm doing wrong. Just about like your problem here.
What happen to this grow? Planning to switch to ucroot instead bio tea since everyone root look white and clean compare to brown root running Benny