expert help needed please pics provided

thanks for all your input guys - yeah the ff schedule from their site is pure bullshit - i will switch to something easier in the future- IVE BEEN HEARING GREAT THINGS ABOUT H&G LATELY- but in the mean time i have the whole line of fox farm's nutes i gotta use up now that i have them :o/ - oh well gotta make the best of what we got - does anybody thats got experience using the full line of fox farm nutes got their own schedule theyve modified over time? this would make my life so much easier as well as every one else using cox farm !!! :smiley_joint: thanks in advance
is it just me or is anyone else having problem seeing this guys pics?
I am brand new to this site today so maybe I am not allowed to see pics yet?

Anyway you might want to try BioBiz Organic nutes when you make the switch. Really simple and imo very effective!

From what it sounds like to me and not being able to see any pics I would flush with plain water and then slowly add back your nutes on the lighter side at first.

Also check the ph of your run off after you feed. It is probably way out of wack (too low). Even when you adjust your ph to 6.5, by the time it runs out the bottom it probably is so low that most nutrients are locked out and unavailable to your plants.

Most nutrients are available in soil ONLY above 6.3 ph so once it gets below this ph level they become unavailable even though they are there. You start trying to correct the (false) deficiency by adding more nutes and then burn everything even worse. Try adjusting your ph to around 7 and as it drops in your soil your plants should be able to pull what they need.