Fan leaf stems turning purple!? Help

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When I see that it usually means its hungry. You can either increase nutes a tad or back off light a bit.
Might be light...its way down by the base on the branches too though. Think thats burnin the tips too? Im runnin 3 100w rapidled pucks at about 75-80% in a 3x3 tent on one plant. But theyre up at least 2ft off the plant. I used to have em spread out more with 2 or 3 plants though.


Im in week 4 of flower if that helps. Only my second round growin so go easy on me. Coco is sooooo much easier than soil haha.
Sorry man I haven’t been on here in a while, I have found that pigeons420 and rob from cltv they have discord’s and they are poppin for real and you will learn a ton and it’s a lot faster on there than here
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