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I've got two buds who have some really good buds coming along but they definitely need more time. The moment there is even a threat of a light frost they're gonna chop. The average first frost date here is 10/20. That just the average date and some years it can be another three weeks b4 we get a hard frost.
In 40 years of growing I've found that this is a tough plant. Varietal dependent to some degree but tough none the less. I've walked into grow sites with thick vegetation after a decent frost and the only thing growing and standing tall is the marijuana. Big plants glistening from plump tricomes that had made it through the frost with hardly a burned leaf.
I guess my question is whether or not the majority of cold weather farmers panic or recognize that they could have a couple more weeks of fattening up. Do you guys chop as soon as the weather guy says theres a chance of frost or do you wait. I've been able to get plants that don't really have enough time to finish through a hard frost by using Remay. Its light enough that it's not going to crush anything and you can really buy some time if needed. Remay also has the benefit that sunlight shines right though it and properly wrapped a plant can even ward off Botrytis.
Panic or patience. What's more rewarding?


I go through this mental battle every fall. (our first frost is usually by mid October). I err on the side of waiting... it's not worth harvesting a crop if it's all un-ripe IMO. I harvested a week or two early one year, and didn't enjoy the quality of the high from slightly un-ripe buds. That being said, It really depends on the size of the grow, what the plants are being used for (some think getting high is all the same, and can't tell a difference in quality), and how many plants you have. I only grow a few plants, and I top them and train them a lot to keep them short and wide, so that I can build hoop houses over them and cover in the fall if needed. Right now I have a couple 7ft tall plants, and I was still able to hoop over them and throw plastic over to block the rain this week.

In past years though, I usually keep my plants under 5ft tall so that I can either drive stakes in to the ground and prop up plastic or blankets, or I use irrigation tubing to make hoop houses over them then cover for rain/frost. I think planning ahead of time is the key (all the way from the start), if you doing just a small personal grow.

I'll even risk a frost, and check the plants early in the am. If I see freeze damage, I'll chop. Obviously though, a large grow has different implications. It's emotionally tough every year though.


I've been in the same spot......at a certain time, the greenest plant in a field is a pot plant.....
Spot them from a mile away...
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