Fem. mimosa indoor grow in coir

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I just chopped down my mimosa plants. Drying some with branches hanging and some in mesh dryer. South Dakota legal grow. Able to have temps down and humidity good but looking for advice on drying/curing my small jugs or all of them! Thanks!!!
Fem mimosa indoor grow in coir
Fem mimosa indoor grow in coir 2
Fem mimosa indoor grow in coir 3


Welcome to the Farm 🤠🪴
Mimosa is a damn delicious strain and you got some fantastic buds there!
Before you're going to cure check your humidity! if it's over 65-67% Rh its not dry enough to start curing, leave it a day or two longer. If you want to cure one common method is curing in mason Ball jars or clip lock jars which are air sealed.
The duration when and for how long to burp the jars varying from grower to grower. Make sure to adjust a hygrometer inside of the jar and don't let it run too high otherwise you risk mold.
Haven't finished a complete curing and mine don't run so well, reason for that is probably the air humidity inside the flat...that's why it doesn't reduce the humidity like it should.
@GNick55 posted his method before if I remember correctly, got it in mind but don't want to tell you wrong.
Others may share their durations to burp as well, also want to take some notes 😉
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