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Here's what I've got vegging up right now:

HTC Skunk
Romulan (Next Gen)
OJD Mystery Bean (maybe SSSDH? the next chemdog line starts here :))
Cherry Assassin (Dr Candyman)
OGKxBubba (Old Dream)
Mirre (Karma)
Dank#1 aka Dairy Queen (Subcool)
MK Ultra (TH Seeds)
White x Bubblegum (OG Raskal)

Also a SourBubble BX1 (Grindhouse) mutant...forgot to photo it...will do it later...got some hex to evap :)


Looking tops mate! pulling up a chair for this one if you dont mind


Here's an update on some of my ladies (in order):

Dank#1 : Day 32 (Subcool)
The White x Bgum : Day 32 (ograskal)
Cherry Assassin : Day 33 (Dr Candyman)
LA Woman : Day 62 (DNA)
OGK x BMS : Day 75 (ograskal)


Looking real good FF... look's like some of those would just fall over with weight...
You're dead right I reckon - went out and got some yoyos last week just in case. They both REALLY stretched (over 3x) in the 4l pots but I figured I'd leave them in there to see how well they do (especially because they're both v. pole-like).

Am well chuffed that the White Gum is a pole :)


yeah ur ladyz look great FF..:yes
any updates on ojd's 'Mystery'?..i popp'd some of them yesterday too,so i'd very interested:)
all the best bro!


Thanks guys. Will shoot the rest in a mo.

any updates on ojd's 'Mystery'?
I've got a rooted cut in a tent hanging from the ceiling in a 3" pot just waiting for it to show gender. If it's a boy, it goes to the great compost heap in the sky...at least until I build an isolation chamber like Logic posted earlier..


Part 2:

Mirre : Day 33 (Karma)
OGK x Bubba : Day 32 (Old Dreams, farm freebie)
Tora Bora : Day 62 (DNA)
HTC Skunk IBL : Day 44 (Hill Temple)

Sorry about the Mirre shot - it's all blurry but only realised too late.

The Tora Bora is a complete winner. I smoked some test nugs tonight and it's FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING TASTY! I mean REALLY tasty. My first hit was almost on an SSH "wow" kind of level - it's that kind of tasty, although obviously completely different....but a good 8 or 9 on the taste volume scale. I can smell both the LA and the X18 in her, as well as in taste. She's got a very blue tone to her from the X18 and looks lovely. The downsides - massively slow vegger, small yielder, but wow, high high quality. Don't have a cut but I wish I did. Oh yes, and it's really really pokey....not that you'd expect much less from the parentage.

The HTC Skunk smells insane as well, but in the funkiest way I've smelled yet. It's like proper poo....not baby poo, full blown raw adult shite....raw sewage styleee....only with a kind of weird fruity edge to it. The very best description of the smell is that it's VERY close to Durian fruit (JayBee? Anyone else know that smell? It's horrible!! Fruity poo). Anyhow, my HTC doesn't smell like any skunk I've ever smelled, but it's a mad unique smell nonetheless. The plant also has some mad nute requirements - I've had her up beyond EC2 and she just wants more....been showing N deficiencies all the way through flower. Seems cool enough - didn't want to nuke her with salt.

That's it for now...


nice update ff :) sounds like a crazy smell of those skunks, everybody has to love a stinker lol
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