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I bought 4 clones 4 days ago. In the past 4 days I have spent an enormous amount of time worrying about my little ones and fine tuning my setup to get temp and humidity dialed in. Temperature is now always between 73 - 79F and Humidity is always between 40 - 72'ish. It usually stays right around 77F and 55 rH or so. But, let me back up a bit...

When I brought the clones home I put them in my tent and inspected them very closely being my first grow. I saw a long bug on the backside of one of the leaves and when I touched it, it flew away like a little moth. I took the clones back and showed them the plants and photos. They decided this might be a fungus gnat and offered to trade me clones, but they were out of the strain I wanted. They told me they could show me how to get rid of the fungus gnats before they became a problem and if anything went wrong they would still offer to replace the clones. I took them home and applied a topping of sand to each clone. I then watered them with a weak hydrogen peroxide solutions (1tsp of 3% to 4 Cups Water) which they only took about 1/3rd of at most. I was told to wait until I see new growth to transplant.

Having a hard time telling if the soil is dry because of the sand, I bought a soil moisture tester yesterday morning (day 3). It read dry and the pots were light. The plant leaves were a little droopy imo, so I watered with the recommended feeding from Emerald Harvest for seedlings (1ml of Micro, Grow and Bloom in .5 Gallon of water) of which they only drank about 1/4 of before runoff. Since then I have determined that the soil moisture meter I bought is garbage. I watered a house plant in basic potting soil and then probed it and it said it was dry. It does register completely wet when I put it in a glass of water though. These clones are in coco right now.

I am using 2 QB 288 v3 240W lights at 20" distance dimmed to 50W each. They will be transplanted into Roots Organic Original Soil when it is time.


1) When I bought the clones one of the plants had some slight reddish-browning occurring on the serration edges of a few leaves. Over the past few days it has gotten worse on that plant, and started ever so slightly on one more. Some of the very very tip of the leaf tips are turning yellow. Am I doomed? Is this Nitrogen deficiency, Toxicity, Over-Watering, Under-Watering, Root Problems, etc...?

2) I cant really tell if there has been any new growth. I should have made better notes, but I made some mental ones that my tallest plant was a little over 6" and now seems to be about 7. The smallest plant was about 3.5" and doesn't appear to have grown. Should I keep waiting to transplant? I am considering doing it first thing tomorrow morning.

Ease my worries, brutha's and sista's! Im stressin' hard.

1) My setup right after bringing them home
2) Closeup on the plants right before officially starting the tent settings for the first time (ignore the Hygrometer readings)
3) The plants this morning (4th Day)
4) The small amount of discoloration I am getting

IMG 1916
IMG 1921
IMG 1947
IMG 1922
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

They are in coco you can't treat it like soil. They need to be watered I would say daily at this point. It shouldn't take much to get a decent run off. Keep light on the feed and water daily to start. In coco watering brings in fresh oxygen and nutrients if you let it dry out you will get nutrient build up and ph swings. Are you phing the nutrients?
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