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Hello all! I'm a first-time grower here to ask some questions as I become conscious of them. This all started when I found a seed in the best weed I've had in forever which was White Runtz. I sprouted with a shop light then a BloomPlus1000 was ordered. It did a decent job of vegging the one plant to a massive 44 inches (after a hard topping a few weeks ago). I now have 2 TSW2000s as one was lost in the mail for a bit and then delivered damaged and now it is what I think is fancy side lighting, but I'm very open to people's opinion on this in particular and just in general. As my plant was a monster I chopped it after getting these two lights into many clones. I will flower in this tent (the first time I would see live buds in person) the best 4-6 of em. My top light is at 24 inches at 50% power. The sidelight is on 25% and only 3/4 LED strips work on it. They shipped it with the heavy metal drivers directly on top of the unprotected LED board, but fuck it I think it's free.

Nutrients: cal-mag, super thrive, great white(just got),fox farms veg/bloom
Soil-Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Perlite

I'm here to learn. Fire away!

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