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Hello Everyone!

Just wanting any advise / tip's possible,

Im new hear and first time grower! so please be patient :)

Im currently growing 1No Pure Power Plant (dutch passion) and 2No Special Kush#1 (all feminised)

Im using a secret jardin tent 100 - 1000mm x 1000mm x 2000mm tall - Im using a 400w bulb with a lumatak 400w star ballast (purple one with lumatec switch) and reflector wings, i have a carbon filter with inline fan, also have cold air getting pulled in from outside of the house to the bottom of the tent,

Im growing 1 power plant and 2 special kush, these pics were taken yesterday and the plants i beleive are 2 weeks old from germinating, im just wanting to know if the plants look healthy, im watering lightly once a day (the light seems to be drying them out quickly?) they just seem to be very slow at growing, any slatings/tips/ or abuse more than welcome :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Peace :rasta2:
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New to growing indoor. but can tell ya with those small plants a 400 is over kill. You can veg those little ladies on a compact flourescent or some t-5s and save$


they look good to me,keep it up,,,might wanna start thinking about folar feeding them on some light nutes
Darth Fader

Darth Fader

yeah, that's a lot of light for those little guys unless that 400 is pretty far away. I'd just hang a single cfl close until they get going.


weel i have a full run of dp ppp going now in an ebb and grow system,there a few weeks for finishing ,looks to be a 10 week strain,very faint smell of lemon/pine so faint i am not using my scrubber,they dont seem to be nute synsitive ,and like the light ,they are weak and will need to be supported in mid to late flower,and there were several that were very frosty,overall i will run a few more times but would like to trade it out for the tahoe ,good luck with the grow ,i ran gh three part with kool bloom ,snow storm and purple maxx,too finish them off with yeald looks to be above average ,wanta


t5's at walmart for 23 bucks. Depending on the bulbs, at the most $30. Hate walmart but I'm cheap.


ditch the peat pots. i used them once, and found that they didn't break apart that quickly when i placed them into a larger pot. it severely stunted their growth. just start them off in 'beer cups'. in your case you can just cut the peat pot material away when you re pot.

make sure that the whole pot is truly dry and not just the top half. the biggest beginner mistake is over watering. growth will be stunted, fan leaves will yellow up and fall off.

you started seeds... what if they all turn out to be male. if you want 3 female plants which would work out well for a 400 watt, why not start with 6-7 plants? you can often see preflowers in 30 days and can get rid of the males before you even start flowering.


Thanks for all your replies and comments appreciate it lots!!

As you can see by the pic below things have changed! For the good im hoping!? - I have ditched the peat pot's and the plants are in 7.5 plastic pots (with drainage holes), I bought the seeds feminized, i did have 10 but a few wouldnt germinate and i killed a couple :(! - Anyway im running now 20/4, this is one of the plants 7 days after the above pics!

Any comments more than welcome, im feeding twice a week using A + B, 2ml of each into 1 litre of water then left to air for 2-3 days! Does this sound correct? Ive spent lots of time reading on hear and its hard to take it all in lol!

Thanks again for your comments guys! Peace :flower
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