First grow with problems.

this is my first grow attempt, I've started from seeds about 30 days ago but my plants are not doing very well.
My set up is:
grow cabinet (19''X31''X67'')
hps 250w with a simple gloss reflector
inline-fan for air extraction
1 computer fan for air in
2 computer fans blowing on the lamp
So, I planted one feminized Ice Cream sead (paradise seeds) and one bag seed from some weed I had in south africa on my list trip. This two seeds where planted 32 days ago.
After 7 days, so its 25 days ago, I planted another 2 seeds of fem Ice Cream.
Here are some pics:

The oldest Ice Cream

The South African bag seed

One of the small Ice creams

An overwiew

Now, as you can see they aren't growing very fast, especially the youngest Ice Creams. You can also see that the lowest leaves have turned yellow, starting from the tips. I cropped a few of them. There are also some brownish spots on some of the big Ice Cream leaves.
All plants where of a very faded, yellowish, green until a few days ago, now they start looking better.
I fimmed the big Ice Cream about two week ago but the shape that is taking is very weird as you can see
The soil is Biobizz all-mix and I've given some Canna Terra-Vega fertilizer a couple of times and yesterday I added some lemon juice to lower down the water pH a bit.
The tap water I'm using has quite a high pH value of 8,5.
Temperature is about 77F during the day and about 62F during the night. They are on 18/24 hours light.
I thought the problem could be a lack of nitrogen but how could it be if the soil is already reach in minerals?
The strangest thing is the shape of the oldest Ice Cream. Its becoming a little bush with new leafs which are completely distorted. I wanted to start some LSTing but the side branches are not long enough.
What is your ph after you add your nutes, are you checking your ec, and when you water does any of it touch your plants?
I added the nutes only twice so far since I'm watering the plants only every three days, when the soil is almost completely dry (I check it with a little stick and by weighting the pot).
The pH after adding the nutes is about 7, yesterday I lowered to 6,5 adding a bit of white vinegar.
I'm careful not to wet the leafs when I water the plants, but its my first grow and I'm not that good at it, yet.
I don't have any way to check the EC unfortunately but I think the tap water I use is quite hard.
Thanks for moving the tread hererisssh.
it should read around 6.3 - 6.8 after going in.....and ime all mix needs no nutrients what so ever.....its designed to feed the plant the intire could be you need to add some nutrients at the end but thats only for big feeders.....and or bloomnutes....if even that...
i suggest some plain waterings for a couple of weeks....
mmmh what do you mean with files? no i guess not...but you can however ask questions..... or start athread in growroom design & setups

a basic setup in my book is a HPS light (any wattage) ......a lightfree and outlet for air.....a ph meter, good soil and reasonable genetics


hey bro I had the same problem and it was a mix of underwatering and lack of humidity I have a thread in the infirmary with before and after pics check it out wish u luck man.

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