First Grow

It all started with a coworker who inspired me to grow. I germinated my first seeds (2 banana diesel, 1 pink panther) on may 15th, 2020. Ill upload photos with stories of my progress and problem solving. I hope you guys enjoy my journey of teaching myself how to grow.
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So my first seeds popped may 15th, and I planted them in some small plastic pots. I got a humidifier to raise my humidity up to 75%. I am using a like I got from home depot, its an ETI 250w grow light, its not very known, but as of today I am very happy with it being I have the tremote that can control the output. At this time I have no ventilation and no fans moving air around.
This is about 2 weeks in, to this point, I have not had any issues and everything seems to be going smoothly. I unfortunetly lost 1 of the banana diesels because i dropped a fan I was installing onto it, growth stopped and I ended up tossing it.
So this is about 1 month in. I started playing woth adding nutrients. I really stunted the growth of the pink panther as I over watered it, and was adding too much nutrients. The banana diesel got some nutrient burn but seemed to take the amount of water I was giving it just fine. Also note that I am using black gold seedling soil, I now know that it is way too dense of a soil.
So here is about a month and a half in. My buddy that inspired me gave me a couple clones of Citridelic Sunset. As of now, I have 2 clip on fans and a cheap inline fan used as an exhaust fan. I have also stopped using a humidifer. I had a really bad habit of over watering the clones that were given to me. I ended up only keeping one of the clones as my tent is only a 2x2 and dont want to crowd too much. (Youll see in next post).
Here is as of today/ this week. My buddy ended up having too much plants and didnt have enough room, so he ended up giving me 3 CiSun plants (in back). As of now I am using a dehumidifier in the room im growing in to keep humidity down. Its not working too well as the ventilation system I have setup kind of sucks. I have some cheap inline fans that arent moving enough air (1 inlet, 1 exhaust) and my carbon filter restricts the glow on exhaust side even more. I have a good exhaust fan on the way thatll fix my humidity issue (seeing 65% sometimes). Plants as of now have been in flower for about 2 weeks.
Watered my plants this morning. I use my tap water, which usually runs 80ppm. For nutrients, im only using botanicares cns17. I have it mixed to 1150 ppm. I use 1 gallon every 2 days to water all 6 plants. They all get about 20 oz of water. I am getting some nut burn and some discoloration on of my smaller plants. The strain of it is pink panther. I have had many issues with this plant, as its the one that really taught me to not over water. I learned that over watering can severly stunt growth.
Ordered a marshydro ts1000 after measuring my current light (ETI 250w light) lux output and realized it would be better suited for veg in a 2x2 tent. I have a considerable boost in lux throughout the canopy with the ts1000, plants should really like the extra light. Today also marks the end of week 3 in flower.