First Moon Rocks

THis is my first time ever making moon rocks. So I need a little help. I got the keif and the buds,Np. But my oil is to stiff to coat the buds. I used the Everclear extraction method. When I remove the extraction from the hot plate it became very stiff and un usable for the process. So I heated it a little more and it continued to evaporate more. What am I missing for the oil. The Buds that I was able to coat came out excellent.
Should I be using BHO or adding a CBD or hemp oil to this extraction? I need help
It definitely has been a long as day ! love the meme. I usually use distillate, it's a bit more manageable way more viscous than ISO extraction, I'm usually left with shatter. You could just heat it slightly to get it more mailable. CBD and hemp oil are both bad ideas me thinks.