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Help! I need to move my root plugs into a bigger pot tomorrow, my seedlings are day three after planting in root plugs, and I can see root at the bottom.. I need a good soil recommendation that I can get from Walmart, home depot, or lowes. My happy frog soil order won't be here until this next Friday.


If your Good soil comes next Friday, grab a small bag of potting soil from any location. I'd avoid ones with "nutrient boosts" and the like. You basically are looking for the most mellow so they can get through until the desired stuff arrives. Do get something that has perlite in it to help avoid soil compaction and improve air in the root zone. Don't get anything with big bark chips in it.

Before you put your plugs in it, do be sure to wet the new soil and do a test on the run-off water. I'd assume the soil is in the desired PH range, but assuming can lead to bad things when you are buying a cannabis specific product. I'd also use it in a small amount, like a solo cup size. It doesn't have long to go until it will be transplanted again.
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