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Alright there lads I’m a 19 year old stoner from Northern Ireland, I’m new to the growing scene I wanted to start growing because basically it’s costing me a fortune to smoke now so I thought I’d take it into my own hands and start growing haha so this is all my stuff
  1. Grow tent (80X80X160)CM
  2. 1000W LED Full spectrum Veg/Bloom light
  3. Seedling heat mate with temperature controller
  4. 6L Smart Humidifier
  5. 80w tube heater
  6. 500 MAH Clip on fan
  7. Wilma 4 Pot drip feed system 4X 11L pots with a 30L res
  8. (36X36X40) MM Rockwool Cubes
  9. Clay pebbles
  10. TDS EC Meter
  11. Ph Meter
  12. PH UP & PH DOWN
  13. Smart Thermometer/Hygrometer
  14. Black Orchid 5” Extractor fan & Carbon Filter
(Nutrients + Extras)
Here are a few photos of an auto blueberry that I germinated in paper towel method, they cracked 8 days ago I over watered them by accident but they’ve been drying out do my little lady’s look ok? When will they be ready for their first feed?


Not ready for their first feed you should definitely wait a minute until they get into their media and more foundation
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