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Ok so I am very very new but enjoy growing. Husband has fought cancer 2 times and I need help with some issues here and there.

3 weeks old, about 6 in high
from Seed, Afghan Kush, Fire og, and GDP
third set of leaves
under CFL's and hardening outside
Leaves: veins are green but in between is yellowing, leaves are starting to curl on all and turn brown on one.
Feeding: Lilly Miller UltraGreen Vitamin B1 Plant starter ( boron 0.020%; Iron 0.125%; Manganese 0.125%;
Zinc 0.125%) AND Fox farm grow big liquid plant food 6-4-4 every other watering.
Ph'd from tap water to 6.0-6.5 then I add nutes.
a few knats
no know bugs
Closet grow while seedlings

Please help. :(:drowning:


...high and welcome to the farm and sorry to hear about your husband, hopefully he stays in remission until his 99th birthday.

anyway, it's been a few years since i grew in soil but it sounds like you may be over feeding, at 3 weeks old they are fragile and need very little feed, ...on the other hand, slight yellowing can also be a sign of hunger, ...if you could post a picture or 2 it would make it much easier to posit a guess.

...look for SeaMaiden, she is a mod here and she also grows in soil and outdoors so she will be able and willing to help you out much more directly than i.'s also worth noting that if you click 'Forums' above you will be taken to the home page where links to all the sub-forums can be found and one of those is 'The Infirmary' and in that forum there is a form you can fill out that will make diagnosing any problems you may run into much easier.

peace, bozo
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