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New to growing cannabis…. And anything really for the matter. But have since taken up a new hobby in many aspects. Bonsai, hydroponics, the skull holloween candy bucket has skywalker strain and that’s a bearded iris in the back. Hope the bloom at the same time, it’ll be pure luck. I have no idea really. The hydro set up, i zapped numerous plants befor I began understanding. Fashioned smaller containers for test runs. Thought it was a piece of cake to let some plants grow in buckets of water. Was I wrong. Countless hours have been spent studying to get it right. I’m slowly getting there. My first plant, I topped way back when and since decided to take the two top limbs and try and clone……….. was a success as when I cloned the small branch and put it in the single brew coffee mug. It runs water for 5 minutes out of 20. This is what I did with spare time and an extra bedroom. Needs some work yet, as do I. Open to any advice out there.
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