FloraFlex Nutrients - Bloom 4th Week Coco Coir With Perlite - Run Off Water EC Going Down ?

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I have two Gorilla Glue plants in 19 liters fabric pots with coco coir 70% with perlite 30%. They are in the 4 bloom week.

I been using water with FloraFlex (Calmag + B1 and B2 and + Full Tilt) nutrients in the EC range of 1000 and now 1280ms with a PH water of 5.8 and 5.9.
I give them water 5 times every 5 hours aprox, 1.5 liters of water always with runoff.

Always check my run off water sometimes I get a +100ms and sometimes is the same value from the fresh nutrients water values.

But yesterday my run off water started to going down. For example this week I strated to give them water with 1280ms my run off was 1000ms or 1100ms no signs
of at least have the original value of 1280ms.

My questions are Gorilla Glue is a strain that eats a lot ?

Do I need to increase my EC to 1500ms or 1600ms ? Until I get the normal values in the same range or +100ms or 200ms from in water and run off water ?

But some guides says DON´T GO OVER 1300ms in coco coir.

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