Floraflex system recommendation, for my setup

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I come to ask for advice for a friend, your current configuration is as follows:

  • Tent : 4x4
  • Light: Lumatek Zeus 2.9 630w
  • Pots: 7l
  • Number of plants: 16
  • Substrate: Coco Coir

He is currently thinking of upgrading this setup x2 and adding an automatic irrigation system. You are considering using Floraflex Matrix, but have many questions about the setup.

What configuration do you recommend? I haven't seen much information on which pump to use either.


A month late, but I can share my experiences using Floraflex Matrix over the past year.

The Matrix is a very good idea, poorly executed. They are molded from thin flimsy plastic rather than the stiffer stuff the FloraCap is made from, the Matrix Pads are nice but would be better if the precut holes (x's) for the circulators actually fit the prongs, the circulators aren't the greatest but do work well if you get the pad, Matrix and Circulator installed level. I like the PotPro containers, but the 4" Matrix does not fit their 4" PotPro pot. If you use the Matrix with Circulators in smaller pots, it's a PITA to transplant to a bigger pot. Overall they work well, just not as user friendly as you'd expect and somewhat disappointing in build quality.

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