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Hey Everyone! Its day 54 after flip and we are gettting close to harvest :D These buds have been fattening and densing up over the last couple weeks and despite the a couple of setbacks its turning out pretty well.

First off, next cycle I'll be doing a full clean of both flower and veg tents along with regular preventative treatment to prevent spider mites (and other pests but the mites came in with the clones) This was became a problem early in flower, which as most of you know is prbbably the worst time to discover your mites, and I imagine it effected yield. (I've seen these same cuts produce larger buds (be it with co2) but still, along with my cheapo PH pen swinging waayy out of calibration probably halfway through flower without me knowing I'm looking forward the next run where I'm able to avoid those problems and see how they turn out :)

Not that I'm disappointed in the end result, the bud looks great and its pungent af with the tent door open.
Haha maybe cut in about ten days or so, still alot of clear trichomes when i'm checking rn.

On a side note, running low on weed so stopped by the dispensary nearby and picked up some GMO Cookies (garlic and onion) it was superb.View attachment 1351214View attachment 1351207View attachment 1351208View attachment 1351209View attachment 1351210View attachment 1351211View attachment 1351212
Looking great with all things considered. I find lady bugs to be true killers, just get a pack of 50 if this happens and watch them devour the mites. They just scour the leaves and eat is a beautiful thing.

Please finish this thread off and give us those juicy end results!!

Enjoying this thread, thanks.
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