Fluence Spydr Fixtures with Mean Well drivers

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Hey friends! I’m a new member here but I’m also a professional cultivator. I look forward to learning from all of you and hopefully contributing some of my ideas to help troubleshoot your systems as well!

Simply put I want to use the Mean Well series HVG series drivers to power Fluence’s Spydr series fixtures (example: Mean Well HVGC-650W Driver with a Fluence Spydr 2P.)

Firstly, are they compatible? Secondly, can I pull it off with a pretty basic knowledge of LED/wiring and a soldering gun?

Not that it’s relevant to a solution but surely somebody will insist on knowing why... and the short answer is that Fluence Drivers are dog shit. And yet you’d think that they were the bees-knees because nobody seems to be able to get them right meow. In any case; it’s been my experience that yield and quality both suffer substantially when your grow lights aren’t turned on. And so it’s a real show-stopper.

Please and Thank You, my friends!

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