Flushing for harvest

Would like to pick the brains of you guys and gals referencing flushing the plants just prior to harvesting. My intent is to harvest when the trichomes are white with very little or no amber color. If it makes a difference, I grow outdoor in 10 gal containers and feed with MegaCrop. Thanks

* How many days, or weeks before harvest should I stop feeding and start flushing?
* How often should I flush? Daily or several times a day, or perhaps a continues run of low pressure water for an hour or so.
* Use just plain water from the faucet, or mix up an additive and water by hand?.
I generally start a week when I use to use liquid ferts. I tried ro/di and tap and never noticed a difference. The key is ph level. With ro I’d recommend adding some cal mag. But the key is to water heavy. Say you usually give a gallon. Give 3-4. I see no need to change the watering schedule you normally have.

This is all just my opinion
Hey, thanks guys for the hints. My water is ground water around 5.8 to 6.0 ph so I should be good there. And I'll just water heavy on the usual days.
Spark up.