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Hey I got a couple quick questions, hoping somebody could help me out. I have to be out of the house im living in by october. For this reason, i started my plants indoor late march and brought them outside around may. Problem is the light cycle isnt 12 12 yet. The plants, are starting to flower, but keep going back and forth because they are not getting their full 12 hours of dark yet. So, when i force flower, is a tarp or 2 dark enough? or does absolutely NO light need to be showing from any corner anywhere? and then my next question is... when i force flower them, how far along do they have to be in the flowering stage production wize, to stop covering them every night? or do i need to continue to cover them every night for 12 hours until i get the finished product that i want? any advice would be awesome.


Forcing flowering is usually not a good idea unless you are say doing a dep harvest and planned your grow that way from the start. Also, most strains start to flower outside well before they get to 12/12. If you are already seeing flowers on your plants, then they've been at it for a few weeks already. I seriously doubt tarping them will have any positive effect at this point in the year if they have already started to go off.

We've got, what, a little under 7 weeks until Oct 1st? I really don't see how you can force them to go any faster than they would do on their own. I mean a 8 week strain will take 8 weeks to finish a 10 week strain takes 10 weeks, etc. If it has already started to flower, you can't really hasten that process up and make it finish in say 6 weeks unless you stress it out or chop it early.
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