Forum improvement/ little inconvience for new guys out here

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Not sure where to put it so here it is:

Theres an limit/requirement for new Guys to post Pictures, the condition is havin 50 posts i believe.

However this seem to just apply if directly put into the Chat message, eg. using ctrl+v from the clipboard. The "Upload Photo" function seem to work as long as you dont insert the Photo. Which was kinda offputting at first as i though it woudnt post it that way.

But the real Bummer comes when chatting with other, i mostly ran into the Problem with Conversations. Cause if you reply to someone that had "insert" his Photo you cant do that and it just lets you know you cant (due to not having enough posts) once you hit the reply button.

I can understand where you coming from with this but as i still was able to post pictures it was a bit offputting and may lead some people to be confused and move forward to other places.

Just something i noticed after using the Forum a bit, no offense intended just some ideas for improvement ✌️

ps. only using the Desktop Version on Windows no idea if this persistent with mobile.


Also would find the following feature pretty nifty if there isnt already a methode to archieve it without me beeing aware of it.
Sometimes notifications just start to Flood and if you participate in the bigger Threads it can get overwhelming and you might miss Alerts/Notifications from the smaller Threads or directly refering to you. Here are some options i would prefer:
-If you turn off Alerts for a thread keep it turned off after writing another message, looks like it gets auto enabled after writing a comment(Or get an option to only get notified for reply and or @ you.
-Implement a kinda organizing function for Alerts, ie if you catched up with a thread/click the last alert from the Thread get a function to get rid of all the Alerts that are "just" new Message but leave the ones where someone relplies to you or @ you.
Again just spitballing some ideas here i would find usefull.
@1diesel1 sorry to disturb you, didnt found an option to @stuff in general or the right Forum section for it.
Speaking of it the @Staff option would be nice aswell for us newbies out there that dont know whos Stuff and might need some help.
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