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Hey Everyone,

I think I know what I want but I am open to suggestions otherwise. I am about to start a 4 plant perpetual cycle where I can never have more than 2 in flower or 2 in veg. So what I am thinking of doing is as follows:

-Only plant 1 seed let veg for 1 month
-Plant second seed 1 month into firsts veg
-Flip first plant at week 5-6
-Plant 3rd seed
-Move second over 5-6 weeks into its veg

That leads me to needing / wanting 2 maybe even 3 tents. One for veg, one flower, and one for drying

For the veg tent I am thinking a pendant COB LED in particular the OPTIC 1 Veg COB LEG 54w or an equivalent maybe with a dimmer at 4,000K or 5,000K

This should be sufficient to veg two plants but focusing mainly on one at at a time (slow down second ones veg)

Then for flowering I think I want some quantum boards or light strips, or COBs honestly open to whatever will fit my needs the best. I will be flowering in a 4 x 2 with one plant starting 4-5 weeks before the second. For this reason I ideally would like to have 2 separate lights both at 3,000K. I can turn one one for when I only have 1 plant and then the second when needed.

I would like to have a total wattage between the two lights to be around 300 watts.

What are your recommendations for the two veg lights?

Thank you in advance
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