fox farm big bloom vs flora nova

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what up farmers i used the flora nova line before it was the shit i love it but my boy keep telling me to use the grow big and the big grow

the only reason im thinking of changing is that this is my first grow back after a 2 year break you for get small shit well every thing was going great then i was like week 4 or so in flower and i started to add the floralicous plus and added 2 table spoons to a gallon i dont know what the fuck i was thinkin just stoned i guess it was black well i did this for like 3 weeks and then read the bottle it said fouth of a teaspoon for 5 gallons so the bud looked like it would not finish and the resin would not bulid up and the calyx would not fill up the hairs stayed white even after a 2 week flush they went 10 week and still didnt look done and the smell was going away by the time i cut them they didnt really smell at all just if i broke it open on the bottom nugs so now im drying it and the calyx look like balloon that were deflated the weed had more of a hay like taste you can taste it a little but not right :sad0123:
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