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Where's the humidity one from? I was looking for one of those.
Or is it just a different probe for this unit?
They are all coming from China really. So, Ebay is the easiest avenue there too.

$18.72 China (newest version with temp and humidity probe in one "package")

$24.69 US (older version with separate temp and humidity I prefer)

Both are the same just using different probes.


Trying to split the output of a window unit or a free stander, is gonna kill the btus if you can't fully contain what the blower is pushing out.
Might need to think of different options bro..

And this is why I was asking..
Of course flower times would be night /early morning..
Veg would be 18/6 ..six off during peak hot times..
But my spaces are only 4/4/6.5 for the light ..
It's a little 8x12 shed. It would look a little odd with two window units hanging out.and too small for a mini- split..still would draw attention.
I'm at a stand still then..


@stonestacker Looks great!!
@str8smokn Hmm. Guess my space is a single room (insulated walls though) and I just have the veg area at one end. The veg is farthest away from the ductless and light between veg / flower spillover all day. When flower goes off, I just seal veg light for the remaining 6hrs. Maybe you could do something similar there? (I don't have HID veg)

Guess also thinking about it, when I very first setup, I had to get cooling with no apparent window A/C or compressors. I ended up placing a window A/C on the floor with a insulated box built to encase the back. The rear intake and exhaust were ported separately through the floor (crawl space) and channeled to face away from each other. Then the hot side of the A/C was a closed loop outside and the cooling was closed loop inside. Maybe you could do something similar here too?

random thoughts haha
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