Fruity Pebble Og And Timewrap X Kush Tent Grow.

Ok so i've Jar 2 out of 3 plants , doing the last one tonight ..

As for Yield so far i am very happy , under a 600w hps , had to but one down mid flower due to herm... i'd says it's looking good anyhow :D

TimeKush : 116g
FPOG #2 : 105g

I still have the FPOG #1 which was the biggest of em all to final dry trim and to jar tonight.

(Pics : top = TK , bottom = FPOG)
So i manage to finish jaring up the FPOG #1 and like i thought it was the most productive of the 3 ..

I had left the FPOG #1 with longer leave to dry , almost no wet trim .. and from trimming last night i can tell that's it was the most stickiest of the 3 plants and the smell is totally different , i will see once cured ,, but so far i really prefer the way they turn out compare to the other 2.

FPOG #1: 155g

TimeKush = 126g
FPOG #2 = 105g

So that brings my GRANT TOTAL : 376g

That's 0.62g / watts ... and considering i had to cut one couple weeks in flowers .. i am really happy with the turn out.

Down below is a couple of pics of the grade B Nugs from the FPOG#1 , i will post the top bud shot tonight since i totally forgot and was too tired yesterday hahaha