For Sale Full RDWC Setup in AZ KILLER DEAL!

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This a 12 plant RDWC system i made myself with the system comes with

12 plant RDWC system (with netpods)

3 1000w DE Gavita pros

2 Mars Hydro Ts3000

3 california solar uvb lights (all hang-wear for lights included)

.5HP water chiller

2 air pumps with 14 lines hooked up

Lacidoll humidifier (will need a new one this is finiky

CO2 and oxygen regulators (no tanks)

Reusable/ adjustable trellis net

All the nutrients you need to finish a grow (minus cal mag)

5 5GAL water bottles

Ac Infinity 4" fan

Ph up and down

3 fans

20LBS of hydroton

$2000 OBO

All you need is a good dehumidifier and the willingness to get to a harvest i have seeds to start you off so you can make clones or whatever

You could not even use my system and the lights and chiller alone would be worth it .

you can cut the system in half and use a splitter on the chiller and have two smaller systems as well ect ect
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