ganja farmer seeds ganja skunk ff

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ganja farmer seeds ganja skunk fast flowering photo x 6
started in pro mix premium organic and amended with gaia green all purpose and bone meal
soaked and watered in water with kelp meal extract .40 gram per gallon

so as i was putting the seeds in the cups the other night AFTER i dropped 2 seeds in guess what i knocked the cups over i did have a baggie over the cups so the dirt and seed stayed in the baggie the tray with the 2 plants are those solo cups i can not believe my seeds were still just under the soil
Ganja farmer seeds ganja skunk ff
Ganja farmer seeds ganja skunk ff 2
Ganja farmer seeds ganja skunk ff 3


day 5 week 1 of veg 4 plants left out of 6
i have lost 2 and i think im gonna loose 1 or 2 more , looks like maybe some light burn or nute burn
i checked pffd and it was around 300
IMG 20240402 115001137
IMG 20240402 115007888
IMG 20240402 115012734
IMG 20240402 115017031
IMG 20240402 115021428
IMG 20240402 115025878
IMG 20240402 115030422
IMG 20240402 115039229
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