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I am founder of the german cannabis social club association. Maybe some people here are interested in the news from Germany. Maybe some partnerships can grow out of this. Currently we are one of the biggest cannabis social club association with 14 Clubs in major cities.
This is our Website and it is called "Cannabis Social Clubs Deutschland" | Website

Please ask me anything. I am here to learn from you guys, because I think, that the US and other parts of the world are way ahead of us.

Greetings from Germany!


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German here,

I took a good reading of our new Cannabis-law (CanG) and noticed something I haven't read or heard before:
Importing a cutting even from a non EU-country such as the US is not forbidden anywhere.
Seeds and cuttings are not cannabis as defined in the law, importing seeds from non EU-countries is not allowed ( §4(2) ) and can be fined ( §36(1)3. ), but cuttings are not mentioned.
Of course the usual anti-pest certificates apply when importing live plants..
CSCs will not be allowed to give this to club members because of §18(5)1. but as a private citizen it should be legal.

I really hope we can get some super stinky strains over here, now that the smell is no longer really a legal issue!

Now, what does the local law say in legalized US-states regarding the export of live cannabis cuttings (assuming no THC content)?
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