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I am a former commercial hydroponics grower that is considering an indoor soil grow... for a variety of reasons. I am a fan of Fox Farms and have used the Ocean Forest Potting Soil, but am looking at the Salamander Soil Mix for its additional water retention.
  • I live in Southern Arizona and have two grow rooms; one for veg/cloning/rooting and one for flowering.
  • I have a 10 x 10 flowing room.
  • I have scrogged a few times and will have easy access to the pots for watering and amendments. I like to bring pots forward and LST/HST the plants back to fill the bottom screen.
  • I will be using multiple Mars Hydro 500w LED lights, and have the capacity to add a few T-5s shooting up through the canopy.
  • I plan to use 10 gal fabric pots and I dispose of wasted soil in my outdoor garden.
  • I will be scrogging Sour Diesel, Banana Kush, and Bruce Banner in my first run, 3 plants each.
I like soil for its buffering capacity, but I have never grown in such a dry environment before.... hence the question about Salamander Soil. In the past my problems have always revolved around too much humidity or moisture. I am eschewing hydroponics because I want to focus on thermal environmental control and do not want to deal with hot water and hydro... a bad combination.

Thoughts, advice, and comments are appreciated.


GoodLuck Man!!
I grow on rockwool moms, clones and flower them in soil....a mix that i made 30%peat30%coco30%perlite 10%ewc
To deal with dry environment, and given the fact you using LEDs... you may think about sealing the room, so 100%control on whatever RH u feel confy about it and aim for a soil mix that has more oxigen retention and less water retention....

Also a coco grow its very productive like hydro but solves the problem of water temps
Im recycling my soil now from 5 rounds and im getting pleased by results but opposite as you im really looking to go either rockwool or coco for the flower room 😁 ... cant decide! Coco has also the benefit to be able to incorporate beneficials !
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