Getto Trees Part 2

Those were NYCD and Sour Diesel.

I have some wifi going now. And the same crap started happening to the plants again. I think it had something to do with the stale air in the sealed grow room. Whenever I put the plants in the big room they would start to go to shit. The co2 levels were high like 1200 ppms with lights on or off. I had no co2 running at all. I move the plants back to the veg room and they started to bounce back.
Plants would start to get purple stems and stretchy, Started getting yellowing leaves.
I found a way to flush out the air in the rooms. I tapped into the roof drain tube and hooked in a 4 inch duct that pulls carbon filtered air out of the flower rooms and sends it out the roof. Plants seem to be doing much better now.

Anyone have any idea what causes this? Stale air, rising co2. I think this is what has plagued this room the whole time.
Last grow started to turn to crap, Night co2 went up to like 2000 ppms, I hooked up an air ducts and fans to exchange the air between the lights on room with the lights off room. I set the co2 controller to 800 ppms so both rooms stay constant. They bounced back and crushed it.

Im hoping that these wifis make a full recovery. They are looking thin and lanky..

There is no added co2. Plants emit their own co2 at night. And something was causing levels to rise in the daytime as well.(still in VEG) Not sure what it was but the vent that pulls in fresh air seemed to solve the problem. When I switch the rooms to flower and they are on oposite schedules then the air exchange between opposite rooms will work together. Then I will start the co2 injection and run the fresh air vent for 30 mins before to 30 mins after the light flip to give both rooms fresh air to start with daily.


likes to smell trees.
Ill tell you the best part about growing this way GG... You will never lose a harvest!

How long did you veg for? Looks like 60 days about....

You will do just as well with no CO2. Just run your air exchange all the time and put a dust shroom on your intakes.

Even in a sealed room with CO2 I always exhausted at least 3 times a day lights on, and constantly at lights off. I think plants need fresh air. Just my humble opinion based on personal observations.
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My first post since coming back. It is certainly not my goal to disagree with folks I respect right out the gate but rather to try and be helpful. From the pics I've seen you guys obviously can grow but I'll try anyway.

IMO, the lower yellow leaves appear to be classic overwatering. Please keep in mind that this can show up even on the exact same water schedule as was successful before. If the plants have an enviromental hiccup (temp, rh, EC, co2, etc) that causes them to slow their consumption of water it can then show as overwatering. Sorry, if this is too rudimentary.

Next, I'll politely disagree with the necessity to vent during lights on with supplemented CO2. The plant does not need fresh air (oxygen) for photosynthesis to take place. For the plant to make sugar it needs light energy, water, and CO2. There are no other secondary gasses necessary. I was told this many years ago by a PhD ag person and have successfully run fully sealed, but supplemented, rooms since. Having said that, venting can help maintain better circulation within the room such as hot spots, high RH, low RH near lights, CO2 pooling on the floor, etc. This is the most likely explanation for the anecdotal evidence and personal observations. I could add that the fresh air thing often makes the grower feel better (fresh air?) and therefore creates more positive energy around the living things he's hanging out with and thus healthier growth. I firmly believe in keeping the vibe very chill and full of love but that's a whole other hippy dippy sorta convo.

What's up getto.. Followed your grows on the other site..

Anyways... I agree with Janus. I've noticed with coco after you move them or especially after transplant they like less light. When I move plants from veg to flower I run the ballasts at 50% until they are acclimated.

I've had it happen multiple times where I move them in the the brighter room, use the same watering schedule and they will show signs over overwatering/under oxygenation.

In veg of I under oxygenate I move it to the clone room with fluorescent lights and they perk back up within a day or two.

Are they not drinking as much water??

For what it's worth I run co2 in a sealed room with absolutely zero air exchange. Just a/c and dehueys... I never exhaust anything.

Hey bro I gotta know.. Where did you get those trays? I need them!!!
I wonder how ambient nitrogen levels compare for vented vs non vented? Especially with 2 rooms on flip flop and a shared air situation.
Fucking Awesome thumbing.....Tapping roof sump is brilliant. (but watch the weather)
mho.....caps right air exchange 24/7.
Thanks for the previous replies guys... Trays are 36" water heater pans from zoro tools.

I am not having much luck with the DTW coco stuff. I dont know what the hell I'm doing. Over watering under watering too much light I cant seem to get anything right.
I had some clones doing good in small 24 oz pots, I put them into some larger containers and things went down hill from there, as they did the last time. I guess I have just been overwatering them the whole time not sure. Top of the medium would get dry but at the bottom it would still be very wet.
Of course my first try at it, I did great so I switched up all my rooms to coco. Now I am about to take a hammer to all my shit and give up growing all together. lol

I read all these threads people watering coco 5 times a day, bags of coco say its almost impossible to over water... I see pics of peoples root zones with brilliant white circling roots before transplants. I cant come even close to that.

I just dug the plants out of the plastic containers and put them into 5 gallon smart pots filled about 1/2 way. Im thinking the plastic containers weren't letting the medium dry out fast enough. If you see in the pics 2 weeks after potting up, there was no significant new root growth, plants kinda stalled.

In the worst room stems are turning really purple and woody, as they did last time.
IS this a sign of over watering????

I am using the Growstones GS-3 coco growstone mix. The coco is fine ground like coffee. I think its holding to much water in the plastic containers. So I switched to the smart pots. Thinking it will dry out faster so I can water more..

So when I see people like @JACKMAYOFFER running large coco beds with small plants, How does the whole bed dry out before next feeding. I dont think it does I think it just gets fed new water every other day or so and the plants take off.
See other out door growers go from a 5 gallon home depot bucket into 300 gallon smart pots and crush it.

@Capulator or @Jalisco Kid or anyone could give me some advise on what to do to save this grow.

What I did today is repot them into smaller smartpots and dimmed the lights to see if they bounce back. I brewed some tea to give them but I dont think I should pour anything wet on them before I see some improvements or they dry out some more.
Or get some good advise from someone who knows what I am doing wrong.

Seems no mater what I try to do I can only muster 1 good grow then 2 shitty ones.

I have some backup plants in my veg room to go with if these dont work out, But I don't want to give up yet.

started clones in 2 inch rockwool cubes, got them rooted good. Transplanted to 8 oz coco pots then to 24 oz coco pots got them about 18" or so then put them on about 4 gallons of coco mix and drenched with water. Then went down hill.

Using aquaflakes AB, little calmg, ph around 5.8 never above 600 ppms.

I am about to bust out some lavarock and soaker hose and kick it old school.. At this point I dont know wtf to do..

I just repotted these wifi's in my horizontal garden. They looked great before I re potted them.
Now they look like crap 2 days later under the same light..

Do they look like they were over watered on transplant?

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Course coco is better to use. I like my ph around 6 or 6.1. Maybe try the smaller grow stones. Those big ass stones void that space from being filled with roots. Temps/Humidity/Air exchange all in check?

I have found that letting the pots fill up with roots and multi feeding works well. You can grow huge plants in small pots of coco. They like to be all bound up! Little 1 gallon pots have given me my biggest buds. Hope that helps a little.
Small grows and big grows can be compared to each other during transplanting
I would suggest imho what I do
My garden is small I only grow for a few, But I use CoCo, 70/30 split coco hydroton or 50/50
Getting to the point, I noticed a few days after going to the larger grow Bag from the smaller was a stalling my plants Baddly and I to do DTW with Jacks Pro and OG Bio-War when I use the cloth bags
I started to do a Starved transplanting
I would remove the Plant from the smaller pot
dip the plant roots in a 5.6/ 5.8 ph mixed with Azos
and mycos sprinkled in the new BAG then set the plant in the larger coco bag
fill with my new Coco mix
and then use ONLY enough 1/2 strength nutes
to wet the outside edges of the NEW coco in the bag do not add so much as to get 0 run off
and do not water the center leave it DRY and MAKE UM hunt the wall of the bag and the little water there is.
Trust in this enough to type it on your thread to you .
I believe in this method for Me but is it the same in larger grows ?
all I can say is try it with one if you can afford to trust it will work
Once the roots explode then start the DTW after you start seeing your roots sticking out of the top of the coco.

They may only be 3 gal but I go from 1 gal to this size in hempy coco or smart pots, but if you look closely to the edges of the pot you will see My roots all the way out and even sticking up out of the Pot.
I wish you Great success @gettogro
watching your Super trees is always a pleasure.

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