Ghetto Vert - 3200w - Multistrain Bonanza - Round 1

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Yo -

Room basics - Kind of a weird room that didn't know what it was going to be until two weeks ago, week 4 of 12/12 finished two or three days ago, for reference.

The plants started 12/12 in a horizontal bare-bulb configuration and as time went on they started being put on buckets, upside down rubbermaids, shit, cardboard re-enforced boxes for a while and eventually as I began to read the virtues of vertical growing and the many many benefits, i.e. - higher yeild, less to no larf, buckets, plywood and two cheap shelving systems were employeed and now all but the three largest plants are off the ground. The only major draw back is that I didn't utilize the lighting to it's fullest from the start. That, however, will be rectified next round which is a short 3.5ish weeks away!

Most everything has a rebuild plan. The shelving will more than likely be attached to walls, windows will have plywood installed to prevent panda platstic from being sucked off the wall by the fan, from 3 gal smart pots to 5 gal smart pots, from 3200 watts up to 6000 in flower, the 1200 back into the veg room, ect, ect, ect.... It's going to be a super slick ass room, indeed. Can't wait to get building it. Wish this one had been done differently, but sometimes it's just the way things go down and you can only kind of go along for the ride, next run, hopefully the driver's seat will be more mine, though I have no trouble doing whatever it is the girls like the most....

3 gal smart pots
40% Cocco
50% Sunshine 4

Base Nute Solution -
6ml per gal - GH Micro
9ml per gal - GH Bloom
Kool Bloom Powder @ various, precise times throughout the cycle depending on strains expected finish time.
various addatives at different stages throughout the cycle, and of course, when the girls make a special request...

Stuff like Muli-Zen, Rhizotoniz, Cal-Mag and different types of sugars...

Without further adu....

SuperChicken, Bagauwwwwwwk!



A couple non-HPS lights on, shots ;D

I know it's not the best in the world, no feedback?
Chronic Monster

Chronic Monster

I think things are looking great in there.. ill grab a front row seat, heck iv been late to most of the shows, nice being front and center :)


Thanks mang! Really wish the empty space would fill in more but I'm sure they will. Gonna freaking murder it next round dude, seriously. Vert from the start.
12 - Curly Ann Bx2's
6- sssdh s1 Hazy Pheno
6- sssdh s1 SD Pheno
6- Lemon OG
6- Blue Dream....

They're all rooted and vegging away like mad crazy loco plants.... Anyhow, should be pretty good from here on out. That Curly Ann is FIRE, wish I would have been able to keep the three males I had of her seed, each were very special in their own way... Oh well, have two males on deck for when the shagging 4x4 tent goes up in a month or so... Ice x 2 pounder and a GrapeFruit Fly from Mosca...


You got it!
2x1kw hps
1x 600wmh
1x600w hps

Next round
4x 1kw hps
2x 1kw mh....


Week 5, DONE! - Today is D so the plant will ay 36, Week 6 - Day 1

I tried to label as many as I could, still can't get a shot showing you all the whole space in one shot and even with multiple shots, piecing together the room has illuded me thus far. I'm sure the fact that I'm taking pictures with, literally, a $30 camera from Walgreens doesn't help much. All that aside, I think you can get a good idea of the excellent progress the girls have made in a week.

-Added a Dehumidifier to the set up last night, RH went from a worrisome 69-73% to a very very comforting 38% over the course of the cycle, taking a wonderful 2.3 gallons of H20 out of the atmosphere.

- The plants (except the 2 tester phenos of sssdh, which are 20 days behind the rest, or day 16) are receiving a nute solution they're absolutely loving. The 6 ml per gal of Micro was dropped in favor of Kool Bloom powder at 1/4 tsp per gallon plus 9ml per gallon of GH Bloom, roughly 40 ml PH up to 5.9-6.0 PH. This is a really nice transition solution for them. They went from the N available in the Micro to the little bit less than half the amount in the KB powder, but the powder has a super strong level of bloom boosting nutes so the plant will now naturally start to use the stored N and other nutes in it's fan leaves over the next 3 weeks. It'll start using a small portion over this week and then next when I cut the KB powder out completely it'll start more rapidly using the stored nutes while gobbling up the Bloom juice I give em, after week 7 they get nothing but h20 and sugar!

Anyhow, let me know if there are any questions and I'll try and get a few of the plants vegging out for thhe up coming round. The SSSDH's I have (2 phenos) are really spectacular plants, I really think they'll do very well in a vert set up as they seek the light out and then grow strait up right noext to it. Going to be amazing to see what 20 or so on proper shelving will be able to do.

Cali Grower

man. pulled up a chair for this grow and reserved a seat for the next. youre going to pull some good numbers with that room and should be even better with the upgrades in there. vertical setups are killer. i know id like to try one at some point. lookin good!


Thanks for the props man! As I said, this was flipped horizontally and as I read the virtues of vert growing realized I still had an opportunity to take advantage of repositioning the plants as vertical as possible, I'm seeing the benefits even though I see HUGE room for improvement, I'm being rewarded for the vert positioning by getting long floppy buds. Have to get more sticks and plant twistie shit today, hehehe. Once you go vert brother, you'll never go back. Next round might get Blutmat drippers and either 5 or 7 gal smart pots, not quite sure yet. What I do know is I'm going to have two sides with two levels on the outter walls of the room with a single shelf running up the middle of the room, which, I hope, will create a mad sweet spot between the 6kw. And man, those sssdh, jeez, perfect for vert, they quad or quintiple in size and grow straight up fanning out to give each branch light, it's like a natural light trap, and I've got a dozen vegging, being topped and generally abused, they're mini bushes now. In two weeks, with only 2 or 3 weeks to go before the rebuild, I'll just let em grow wild with lots of food, then they'll hit those smart pots and BAM! Anyhow, thanks for coming in and listening to my ranting :D


Couple more. Thinking about renaming that Curly Ann Bx2 either Squirt or Sun Drop, both are grapefruit soda's, this thing smells like acidic grapefruit fuel. Brilliant! Everyone always says grapefruit, but I never smell it in the nugs labelled as such. Wait until they get a wiff of this stinker! Will it turn purple too, who knows? :ninja


Just did a bunch of staking and tying up, got most of the perimeter space filled up by sliding one plant over and moving the sssdh's out of the way and replaced those with one BD. The perimeter is now just thick with buds tied up to their respective stakes and actually, both the sssdh's got a better spot in the garden too. Finally feel like I'm making most of the available light, finally! Whoo hoo! I'll snap some pictures at lights on, it just got a whole buunch more interesting in there, especially with the 3rd round slam nutes I'm giving them now, shooting for #5 off 3200 watts.... Send me the good vibes guys! 3-4 more weeks to go!
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