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How do you do? Everyone !!!

Happy New Year! Spider Farmer Giveaway is coming🎉 We will do four round giveaway. Please pay more attention to our THREAD!
Spider Farmer Office will pick the lucky one from this event, who will help us to share the grow diary.

🕐Time: Jan. 17th-Jan.22nd
🏆Spider Farmer® Seedling Heat Mat 10”X20.75” 2 Pack

❤️How to enter:
Leave your country in the comment with the hashtag #spiderfarmerheatingmat

🎊 winner will be announced on Jan.22nd

P.S. Do not forget to use the discount code "SFTHC"to get the best price!
🎈Click the link to get one:

Good luck to all! Hope you get a product this time! Happy new year!
Heating Mat


Country - Within The EU
I would love to win this for when I'm going to start growing and reproduce the Alien Tarantula Seeds I have.
Country: United States of America
Discount Code: SFTHC
This would be an great win, I could try and document the extremely fragile process of seed germination and seedling propagation, to plant grooming, to flowering. Thanks!


The good ol' US of A

Happy New Year to everyone, I am looking forward to putting out my first diary. My wife always seems to look at me funny when I am talking to my friends about still being a virgin. (A-Haaaa) I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year, and Thank You Spider Farmer for all the great products you guys put out.

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