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Well damn Ive been reading about LED's for a new 2x4 Im going to start. This would have been perfect. Congrats


Hi everyone, Happy New Year. 👏Thank you for taking care of us in 2020.
We hold a giveaway for THCfarmer members to express our thanks. 🤗

🤩Prize:Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

Enter rule: 👇
Reply this thread and write down your country

🌱Date: Jan. 8-Jan. 18
The winner will be chosen randomly. Hope you can be the lucky one.😉

P.S. We also offer everyone a discount code "SFTHC" , you can click our website to get the discount .
Enjoy the new year and stock up on your favorite lights. 🥰

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USA, your lights rock


Well dang, just had to jump a chip on my cheap ass blurple panel after joining the Solo Cup Challenge and trying an outdoor grow in January (in North America). Figured I was a shoe-in for a new light. 😀

Thanks for the contest!

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