Golden Goat S1 (Irie Genetics) Smoke Report

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I recently did a seed run where I grew out three fem strains, totally new to me: Golden Goat S1 and Bebop, from Irie, and Planet of the Grapes from Ethos. This is the first of the smoke reports.

Something about me, as it relates to smoke reports:

I moved to a med state in 2016, after living in Illegal Land all my life. I was unable to grow for a couple of years before moving into my present situation. I gradually got used to dispensary weed, which noticeably increased in potency since I arrived here. Not that the top end is higher, but there are a lot more high potency selections, and I got used to hight potency (mid-20% and higher, generally speaking).

Something about growing Golden Goat S1:

This is a grow site, so you are probably reading this, considering whether to grow this stuff or not.

I popped three seeds. Two of them had a need for soil with a lower pH, like close to 6, and with my high pH tapwater (7.3, before adding pH down). I culled one, which never thrived. Of the other two, one finished in 7.5 weeks, the other took 11.5 weeks. They are both potent AF. I mention this because people need to know there is a lot of variation.

THC Farmer Smoke Report (I'll go along with this as closely as I can.)

Tester Name : Mystic Epipedon
Strain : Golden Goat S1
Method Smoked : One-hitter pipe, Mighty vaporizor


This is the 11.5 weeker
Golden goat s1 irie genetics smoke report

And the 7.5 weeker:
Img 6376 cu


Dominant smell of bud : Intense tropical fruit (no citrus)
Associated smells of bud : There is a distinct scent of camphor if you smell the grinder right after grinding a bud.


Dominant flavour : fruity, sweet
Associated flavours : "green"

Harsh/smoothness : (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth) With 3 week cure, the long-flowering one was a 7, the short-flowering one was an 8.
- cough factor? : no


Profile : Percentage of head to body:
70% head/30% body for long-flowering pheno, 60/40 for the short-flowering pheno

Potency : 9
Duration : On a clean head - 2-3 hours
Use : Daytime/evening, but not a sleep aid
Munchies? : yes, but not overwhelming

None of this stuff:
turpentine ()
metallic ()
ammonia () - urine () - vinegar ()
bleach ()
lotions () - plastics () - glues ()

But a distinct scent of mothballs when you sniff the grinder after grinding a fresh bud.

fruity (x) - berry () - black/blue/raspberry () - citrus () - orange () - lemon () - lime () - apple () - mango (x) - grape () - cherry () - tutti frutti (x)

None of this stuff:
floral () - perfume () - blossom ()
minty () - methol () - spearmint () - peppermint ()

woody () - incense () - hardwood () - sage () - juniper () - cedar () - pine ()
basil () - garlic () - dill () - clove (x) - parsley () - pepper ()
tobacco () - chocolate ()

earthy () - loam () - dirt () - musty () - dusty () - dry ()
animal () - bird () - rodent () - gamey () - skunky ()
botanical () - hay () - autumn leaves () - trees ()

Further commentary:

This is a very powerful sativa dom, WITHOUT edginess. I think it will prove to be a general crowd-pleaser. It is well worth the pH sensitivity to grow it. I just wish I knew to watch for it, beforehand.

The scent of the short-flowering pheno is beyond belief. When she was chopped, it was pretty obvious that her scent dominated the scents in the tent. And unless you hate tropical fruit, this is a good thing.

At first I considered the long-flowering one more potent than the short-flowering one. I recently finished the last decent buds of the short flowering gal, and now I'm not so sure. She's just a little more body high than the other. I kept both cuts and now i'm leaning toward keeping the short flowerer. 53 days is hard to beat.

Either when I cut and pasted, stuff on bud structure, etc., must not have come out, or it isn't part of this template. anyway, I'd give the short flowering pheno an 8 on bud hardness and 10 on bag appeal. buds look great and the scent is intoxicating. The long-flowerer would get a 7 and 9.

All in all, I recommend this strain to anyone with a few successful grows behind them, but not for newbies.

The next two reports, for Bebop and Planet of the Grapes, will not be glowing. Golden Goat was the find of this grow.


I've now decided the long-flowering pheno is The One, after a second run of all. I'm also getting some citrus scent in it now.


I've now decided the long-flowering pheno is The One, after a second run of all. I'm also getting some citrus scent in it now.
Plant in my post went 9 weeks and a couple days.
I think this might be another one. (I'm not so great with labeling). This plant is at day 58 and easily has 14 days to go.

9 20 c
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Keen to know the smoke and grow report on the many did you grow long vegged and yield..i have 4 growing as we speak...


Keen to know the smoke and grow report on the many did you grow long vegged and yield..i have 4 growing as we speak...

There are powerful indica doms that have almost no effect on me, for some reason. PotG is one of them.

Just about all aspects of the plant is great, except for the key one. I can't say you'll find the same thing, because of my weird "indica-indifferent" central nervous system. But it's a strain I won't be growing again.


Yeah .an veteran grower i trust mentioned they are a little bit of a hit or long was she flowering 9-10 weeks?.
I think I let it go 10 or a little more. The grow report is on this site somewhere if you want a more exact time.

Scents, flavors and bag appeal were through the roof. I've heard Ethos strains, themselves can vary from, "This shit is great!" to "Why the fuck did they release this?" I've got some Lemon OG Haze and Lilac Diesel seeds, so hopefully one of those is a hit.


I like the looks of that og haze so i will def follow along with interest.Ethos has quite a few strains i wouldnt mind trying...
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