Gorilla Glue By Expert Seed Bank (new Pro Grow)

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Hello, guys, this is my first thread on this forum and today I will start my grow.
A short story about me, I would consider myself an experienced auto grower, I usually pull 1.2-1.4 gpw from my LED's. My average yield per plant on Auto's is 350-500g. So it's time for me to test my skills on a feminized Gorilla Cookies by Expert Seed Bank
link https://expertseedbank.com/shop/gorilla-cookies/

  • 4x gorilla cookies by Expert Seed Bank
  • 700w LED
  • 1.20x1.20 tent
  • 4x 30-liter coco in an alien bottom fed system.

Enjoy the ride!!!
A few likes would show the support lads and girls :fire::fire::fire::party1::party1::party1::party1::party1::eyepiece:


Your title says Gorilla Glue, but your opening post says Gorilla cookies??


Day 1 - Successful Germination in under 24 hours (have a spare seed there just in case some don't make it)
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