Grandma Dana's grow diary 1Q 2022

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Today was harvest day. 15 plants. Kush Mints and Gorilla Glue #4.

They are hanging upside down!

IMG 0704
IMG 0706
IMG 0710
IMG 0712
IMG 0692
IMG 0694

IMG 0698
IMG 0691
IMG 0709
IMG 0708
IMG 0707
IMG 0705
IMG 0696
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Nice grow Dana!
Makes me think about getting a comfortable trim bin...
Thanks! Yeah, there will be a lot of trimming to do with the Kush Mints. It's a very leafy, very woody strain. Thankfully I have several nice trim bins and people to help me with the work. Both strains are famous for gunking up scissors. 😊 But first, they have to dry.


The plants are drying now. I'm trying to keep them at 60 degrees and 60% relative humidity. But it turns out that's not easy! Still, I'm happy with how it's going so far.

You can see a few of the plants hanging in this flash photo I took. I think I can count 10 plants here. Normally, they are in total darkness.

IMG 0726

I'm pretty close to my target. It's set for 60.0/60.0, and it's currently 61.2 degrees and 60.3 relative humidity. Can't get much closer than that.

IMG 0729

Notice the averages: 62.1 degrees, and 61.0% RH. I'm majorly thrilled with this. Hope I can keep it like this as the daytime temps go up.

IMG 0733 2

My problem on my previous grow was that I couldn't control temps and humidity during drying, and it dried too fast. Curing it for 3 months at 62% humidity mitigated some of that, and it now tastes pretty nice, has good terps, and is strong af, so it wasn't a disaster. But I want to do MUCH better this time. If anyone has any resources or techniques that might help, please let me know.

I have a 16" fan moving air below the plants. I have a portable air conditioner inside the tent (where I'm drying), pointed at the wall so it doesn't blow right on the plants. I also have a humidifier in the other end, which unfortunately does blow on the nearest plants but there's not much I can do about that. I have a dehumidifier outside the tent, because it blows warm air. And I have an oil heater which I have turned off because it's not going to get much below 60 degrees even in the middle of the night.


Beneficial nematodes if you growing organic. Mosquitoe dunks.both work of fungus gnats larvae. Nice grow thanks for sharing.ive never used the dunks budy did.i put the nematodes in all my dirt.
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